Christmas for Kids in Peru

Christmas for Kids in Peru – Bring a Smile & Hope

Christmas Kids Peru

Many children in Peru are living in a situation of extreme poverty. For them this means malnutrition, hunger, disease, lack of education and other social problems linked to the scarcity of economic resources. Help us give a smile, a moment of fun, a bit of hope this Christmas to kids that need to believe in a better future. Any donation will be helpful!

Help us bring joy to kids in Peru

It is common knowledge that children are entitled to a better quality of life, to live in a healthy environment, have access to education, play some sports and live in dignity. Many efforts are being made to meet these goals, but everything seems to be insufficient because they are always the most excluded in a globalized society such as ours.

Despite the dramatic and adverse situation in which these children live in, they never lose their luster, their joy of life and desire for a better tomorrow. We wish to give them hope and the strength to build a better world.

You can help us by donating funds here , 100% of funds collected will go to buying Christmas gifts for Peruvian kids.